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On 23rd August, 2019, I released my first debut album, From The Sun.

It took longer than I expected to get to a space where I am comfortable and confident in the‘sound’ I wanted to do. And this album is all these different things that represent the kind of music that I love and want to do.

Its been an exhilirating ride thanks to all of you who streamed, shared feedback and attended my debut solo show A Concert From The Sun. I cannot thank you enough. 

This is just the beginning. There is a lot more to come. But for now, we celebrate what we have been able to achieve together. Here is how

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The Album.

From The Sun is inspired by my home (Uganda), love and transition. It combines aspects of soul, jazz, funk and classical music.

All songs on the album were written and performed by 

MoRoots except If Jesus Had a Number that was

co-written with Kimera (slow down and Gwe Wange) and Wind in My Wild that was written and produced by roy “the drum machine” Kasika. 


The Album.

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About MoRoots

I would like to know your thought about the album, your favorite song, and how it made you feel. Please leave be kind enough to leave a review.


MoRoots is a proudly Ugandan singer, songwriter, 

composer, saxophonist, classical pianist and a 

part-time struggling traditional dancer :-) dually 

based in London and Kampala, Uganda. MoRoots 

fell in love with music from the womb whilst listening 

to her humming mothers' hymns.


Combining her classical musical training, 

with her lengthy experience in Jazz and 

Blues, MoRoots’ genre is self-described as 

Future-Afro-Soul and very delicious. It’s a 

mash up of Funk, RnB, Neo-Soul, Electronic 

experimentation and a strong influence of 

African rhythms. 


Those closest to her describe her as an 

introvert and an extremely free spirit, which 

is also a powerful and complex makeup of 

her stage performance.


MoRoots is the lead vocalist of the “SoulDeep” 

crew and has earned the admiration and 

affection of countless fans in Uganda, serving 

as both inspiration and role model. She is now 

on a mission to take that global...

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A Story
From The Sun.

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