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It might be hard to get the ones you love a present this year, so I am giving away 'A Soul Deep Christmas' for you to share with your friends and family



MoRoots is a proudly Ugandan singer, songwriter, 

composer, saxophonist, classical pianist and a 

part-time struggling traditional dancer :-) dually 

based in London and Kampala, Uganda. MoRoots 

fell in love with music from the womb whilst listening 

to her humming mothers' hymns.


Combining her classical musical training, 

with her lengthy experience in Jazz and 

Blues, MoRoots’ genre is self-described as 

Future-Afro-Soul and very delicious. It’s a 

mash up of Funk, RnB, Neo-Soul, Electronic 

experimentation and a strong influence of 

African rhythms. 


Those closest to her describe her as an 

introvert and an extremely free spirit, which 

is also a powerful and complex makeup of 

her stage performance.


MoRoots is the lead vocalist of the “SoulDeep” 

crew and has earned the admiration and 

affection of countless fans in Uganda, serving 

as both inspiration and role model. She is now 

on a mission to take that global...

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