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MoRoots Announces A Concert From The Sun.

Kampala, Uganda, Release: July 30th, 2019. For Immediate Release

On Saturday, August 24th, enter the enchanting world of award winning vocalist, musician and producer for an eclectic musical performance, A Concert From The Sun, at The Square Place. The show will be her first public performance of songs from her debut album from From The Sun exploring themses of home (Uganda), love and transition. Expect an eclectic blend of MoRoots vast musical ability combining aspects of soul, jazz, funk and classical music with soulful vocals.

“ This concert means everything. It is the truest representation of who MoRoots is in this moment in time. A glimpse into the a transition and love I’ve experienced these last few years. The sound is different. It’s rock. It’s funk. It’s electronic. It’s soulful. It’s cinematic. It’s all the things I love.” - MoRoots

The concert will feature the highly acclaimed CTRLAD band starting at 7pm at The Square Place, 3rd Street Industrial Area and will cost 50000UGX only. Tickets can be purchased online via

The concert will also mark the official release of MoRoots debut album From The Sun. This release is preceded by three exciting singles;

Moonlight, a romantic ballad paying homage to Debussy embodying portions of his “Clair De Lune” in January 2019

My Woman She Cries a rallying cry for the country and the world to take a moment and pay attention to the plight of the woman in Uganda first, and around the world released to commemorate Women’s Day 2019.

Let it beat is a song about finding your rhythm, literally. Breaking away from the run of the mill expectations and doing the things that make you happy and bring you joy despite the challenges that might present themselves.

More Information about MoRoots and the From The Sun project can be found at

About MoRoots.

MoRoots is a proudly Ugandan singer, songwriter, composer, saxophonist, classical pianist and a part-time struggling traditional dancer :-) dually based in London and Kampala, Uganda. MoRoots fell in love with music from the womb whilst listening to her humming mothers' hymns.

Combining her classical musical training, with her lengthy experience in Jazz and Blues, MoRoots’ genre is self-described as Future-Afro-Soul and very delicious. It’s a mash-up of Funk, RnB, Neo-Soul, Electronic experimentation and a strong influence of African rhythms.

Those closest to her describe her as an introvert and an extremely free spirit, which is also a powerful and complex makeup of her stage performance.

MoRoots is the lead vocalist of the “SoulDeep” crew and has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans in Uganda, serving as both inspiration and role model. She is now on a mission to take that global.



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